Candidates must bring the following with them:

Pens, pencils, ruler, calculator, notebook and highlighter

Photographic identification.



  • An Australian passport (expired no more than two years);
  • A photographic drivers licence issued by any Australian licensing authority (expired no more than two years)
  • A current overseas passport;
  • A photo identity card for police or defence force personnel (this excludes identity cards issued to civilians);
  • A consular photo identity card issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
  • A valid High Risk Work Licence;


Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd ‘Code of Practice’ is valued within the training industry and addresses the stated aspects in the following manner:


Access and Equity

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times abide by the principles of access and equity at all times to persons of all ethnic or indigenous backgrounds, cultural diverse backgrounds, persons with disabilities, and the female gender



Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will conduct an annual self assessment / audit of all operations aligned to the AQTF, the company policies and procedures, and all other criteria that together enhance the training operations of the RTO.



Appeals / Complaints Resolution

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will endeavour to solve all matters of appeal, grievance or complaint nature to a satisfactory conclusion.



Assessment Practices


Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times when engaged in assessment practices, conduct assessments to the AQTF and State standards. Additionally these assessments shall be of a high quality to satisfy the requirements of the relevant training packages, and the level of competence expected within the relevant industry domain



Continuous Improvement

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will always continually refine its product to enable it to achieve stated goals in the business plan.


Effective Financial Management

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times maintain a financial management system that ensures the viability of the company and to protect any fees paid for which training has yet to be delivered.


Issuance of Certificates and Statements of Attainment

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will issue all certification in line with the requirements of the AQF Handbook and the endorsed Training Packages within the scope of registration the RTO has been approved to deliver.


Mutual Recognition

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times abide by the mutual recognition agreements formed between all States of Australia, in the recognition of other RTO training and certification therein awarded.


Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OSH&E)

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times comply with relevant Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental recruitment when conducting training and assessment of course participants.


Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times maintain a records management system that is effective, secure, and one that assures the integrity, accuracy and currency of all records held


Risk Management

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd shall maintain a level of risk management which aim is to achieving training / learning and assessment with minimal to no interruptions, cancellations or effects on the training being given.



RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times make all trainees aware of their right to RPL , and will offer this service upon request in a manner that is fair and equitable, keeping within the WorkSafe Requirements. (National Standard For Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work, Section 6.2 and 6.6 OHS Regulations 1996)


State / Territory Logos

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will use the relevant State and Territory logos as per the AQTF and State registering authority’s condition of use.


Training Delivery & Assessment / Learning and Assessment

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times when engaged in the delivery of training, assessment and learning strategies, conduct all aspects of these operations to the AQTF and State standards, to the high quality expected within the industry, and the State legislative / licensing body for the load shifting domain requirements.


Training Staff Recruitment

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all time recruit training staff who have the vocational experience aligned to a required industry area, and who have the required qualifications for both training and assessment.


Fees and Refunds

Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd will at all times charge a fee for training that is based on relevancy to the amount of training provided. Refunds will be in accordance with the stated policy as detailed within Coastal Enterprises (WA) Pty Ltd refund policy

Other relevant information


Candidates must wear suitable work clothing and appropriate closed footwear at all times – Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Gloves and Steel Cap Boots are required during practical training and assessments. 


Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is required upon confirmation of booking.  Coastal Enterprises has the right to refuse course entry if fees are not received in full prior to course commencement.
  2. Clients with approved credit have fourteen (14) working days after the date of Invoice to make payment in full.
  3. Failure to attend a scheduled course without written notice will deem the student and associated company ineligible for refund of fees paid.  A minimum of five (5) working days prior to course commencement shall be given to Coastal Enterprises to ensure full refund of fees paid.  Insufficient notice will result in a refund of no more than 50% of course fees paid.  Any additional costs incurred by Coastal Enterprises due to cancellations will be invoiced to the Client.
  4. Payment can be made by EFTPOS, cheque or direct deposit (bank details can be forwarded upon request).

Note that candidates under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol will not be allowed to participate, and will be sent home at the candidate’s expense.

Candidates who have impairments, physical or other (e.g. English language difficulties, dyslexia etc), which could affect their ability to satisfactorily complete the course, should advise the training centre staff as they may be able to assist in optimising your learning and assessment outcome.