Chief Warden Course Overview:         This 1 day training program, (dependant on your requirements) focuses primarily on the enterprises where staff need to be able to prepare for emergencies, report them, react to them and take evacuation measures.  To AS3745 Recommended For:  Fire Wardens & people who need to react and take appropriate action in the event of an emergency situation. Pre-requisites:    Current First Aid Certificate. Basic Fire Certificate Warden Certificate We can provide training in the above 3 pre-requisites.  However, this will alter the content and length of this course. Learning Outcomes:  Explain the ECO structure and Chief Warden responsibilities Describe how to prepare for emergency situations. Describe and demonstrate how emergencies are reported. Identify and explain workplace emergency systems, signals, instructions and designated personnel. Be able to lead an emergency team Control the emergency team / lease with emergency services Co ordinate all actions of the wardens Aims:    Coastal Enterprises strive to maintain the highest professional standards and conduct in the delivery of our competency-based training Training Personnel:  Our training personnel have many years experience in the fire and emergency response industry, and are committed to providing participants with the best possible training and service. Location:    Training can be conducted Australia wide or at our training centre at 12 Sparks Road Henderson, WA. Courses can also be held in Indonesia and Vietnam. Registration:    Coastal Enterprises    Phone:(08) 9437-6688    Fax:(08) 9437-6060 Includes:    All learning materials Candidate to supply:  Safety Boots, Hard hat, Safety glasses, Gloves and Stationary