How leather lounges can be used to style any type of room

Most interior designers out there will be in on one of the greatest design tricks of all time. They can use this when they have a picky client, when they have not met face-to-face with a a client and are unsure of what they want, or if they need something for a quick fix. This can be used to tie almost any theme together and can be suited to any gender e.g. male, female, or neutral.

leather lounges

This design trick is simply filling a space with leather lounges. In Sydney leather lounges are commonly used because of their versatility and endurance. It is very hard to damage this kind of furniture and they tend to last for many years. This makes them the perfect investment to style any type of room.

They can be used in an office, in a basement, in a games room, or even in a motel room. They can suit a lounge room, a bedroom, a garage, and can be a great addition to any waiting area. What is also so great about choosing leather lounges is that they never go out of style. They have been in fashion for hundreds of years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. For all of these reasons as well as many more, leather lounges can be used to style any type of room.

They are a great option for young and old

There are many older people out there who love the nostalgic feel of leather lounges. They can remember a time when it was fashionable to have a bar in the lounge room and everyone sat around listening to great music and smoked cigars. While smoking has gone out of fashion, these types of couches certainly have not. But because of this nostalgic feeling that they can elicit, they make a great option for styling an older person’s home or room. Furthermore, for those who have a mix of ages living with them, they also make a great option for kids as well. This is because they are so easy to clean. Unlike fabric, they are harder for kids to draw on and they can simply be wiped down with a cloth or wet wipe when something is spilled. Different colours and shades can be purchased to make any kids area look fantastic and once again, they are able to withstand the trials that kids can put any couch through.

Leather lounges are timeless and stylish

This type of furniture wouldn’t still be in fashion today if they weren’t stylish. They can be purchased in pairs or in the form of sofas or recliners. Corner options can be purchased for large rooms to create a grand feeling, or smaller options can be chosen for office spaces. While common colours are brown or black, they can also be purchased in grey, in white, or something else entirely. This is why so many designers love this option because there is so much versatility which allows them to play and ensure that any space has that timeless and stylish look. Furthermore, when they are paired with the right accessories they don’t look clinical either. Almost everyone has a loved one that they remember when they look at leather lounges, which is exactly the type of feelings that designers want to embrace. All in all, there are many different reasons why it can be a good idea to opt for leather lounges. Not only are they timeless and stylish but they are able to be used to style any type of room.

Would you pay your ex a break-up fee?

Earlier this month, police were called to a local bar in Hangzhou, China after bar workers found a suspicious package left behind in the premises. On opening the package, police found a figure of 2 million Yuan, around $418,000 dollars, a figure enough to buy a house in Hangzhou.

Managing to track down the owner, the man was called into the station and according to local police had arranged to meet his ex-girlfriend in the bar. The suitcase filled with money was a “break-up” fee, an emerging trend in China in the past few decades.

Not much is known about the man and his girlfriend, except that they were both in their 20’s and he worked in I.T. Having broken up, the woman had demanded a fee and they arranged to meet to make the payment. However, things took a turn for the worse, when the woman found out how much was in the briefcase, claiming this not to be enough to cover her heartbreak.

She got up and left in disgust soon after, not realising that her former partner had already left, leaving the suitcase unattended. On being contacted by the police, both parties came to the station to collect the suitcase. The police warned him not to be so careless in future with such a large sum of money to which he reportedly asked, “Is 2 million yuan a big sum?”.

The new trend, which isn’t widespread but growing, is said to come on the back of the huge economic growth in the past two decades. In 2016, China had the highest number of new billionaires, sitting at 90% worldwide. With this cash and historic inequality in Chinese culture, “break-up fees” have become more popular.

There have been numerous cases which have made it into the media spotlight with an infamous story involving a couple who both had a husband and wife. When they broke up, the woman refused to pay a break-up fee, which the man disagreed with and attacked her family with acid.

While the fees are usually paid for by men, it has been known for women to pay the fee, as the man will usually pay for meals and gifts throughout the relationship.

Ebola outbreak in west Africa

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that a third case of Ebola has been found in the Democratic Republic of Congo increasing fears that there could be another outbreak mirroring that of 2014, which killed 11,000 people mostly in west Africa. In the DRC, this is the ninth outbreak of the deadly disease, which is named after the country’s Ebola River.

The latest confirmed case was in Mdandaka, the provincial capital of DRC, with a population of 1.2 million people. This north-western city is a transport hub along the Congo river and there are fears that the disease may spread quickly to surrounding areas as well as the capital of Kinshasa.

WHO had previously admitted they were too slow to react to react to the outbreak in 2014 have stressed that at the moment, there are no restrictions on trade or travel internationally. However, officials are using infrared technology to scan passengers at river ports for fevers.

The 2014 outbreak which last two years, was traced to a one year old who died in December 2013, in the west African nation of Guinea. The disease spread quickly to Liberia and Sierra Leone, becoming the largest outbreak of Ebola ever documented and the first in the region.

Ebola is said to spread over long distances by fruit bats and can be transmitted to humans eating contaminated bush meat such as monkeys, chimpanzees, or antelopes or by those who come in contact with blood, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals.

The virus itself causes severe bleeding, organ failure and can lead to death. Initially, sufferers can experience fever, headache, muscle pain and chills. While internal bleeding can develop resulting in vomiting or coughing blood.

Anyone with these symptoms requires a quick medical diagnosis involving lab tests or imaging. Medical professionals wear full body suits to prevent any spread of the disease, while patients are kept in isolation.

At a count, 500 people are thought to have come in contact with the most recent Ebola patients. Vaccines have been tried and tested but only recently has one been developed that can be used on humans. 4,000 doses of an experimental vaccine, sent by the WHO, has landed in Kinshasa and hopes to stop initial spreading of the disease and any repeat of 2014.

Ireland and the 8th Amendment

Having voted in favour of gay marriage in the year 2015, Irish citizens are once more going to the polls this year to vote on the 8th Amendment, which recognises the equal right to life of the mother and the unborn child. Abortion had been illegal in Ireland and subject to criminal penalty since 1861, however this amendment ensured that abortion would legal in the circumstances whereby the life of the pregnant woman was at risk. It was approved by referendum and signed into law in 1983.

In 1992, following case X, whereby a pregnant 14-year old rape victim’s case was brought before the Supreme Court in order to decide whether she could have an abortion as she was suicidal, the Irish public once more went to the polls. The electorate supported two out of the three proposals, they rejected the proposal that would exclude suicide as grounds for abortion and endorsed changes to ensure that a woman had a right to travel to a different country for an abortion and the freedom to access information about abortion from other countries.

Running up the 2016 general election, several parties committed to a referendum on the 8th amendment after a campaign which gathered momentum after the death of Savita Halappanavar, who died during child birth, after doctors were conflicted on whether to save her or her unborn child.

Since 2016, several marches have taken place both for and against the issue, drawing crowds of up to 20,000 onto the streets. While, international human rights bodies have questioned Ireland’s opposition to abortion claiming that it violates a woman’s right to control over her own body.

In March 2018, debate began within the government on an amendment to the constitution and May 25th was chosen as the date to hold it.

In what is most likely the last poll before election day, 56% of the electorate are in favour of repealing the 8th, the No side sits at 27%, while 14% said they don’t know. In a technique used to correctly predict the outcome of the same-sex marriage referendum, the Sunday Business Post Poll also asked voters to predict the outcome of this one. This “wisdom of the crowds” technique predicted that 56% of the electorate would be in favour, while 44% would be against amending the constitution.

Japanese Rail and its apology

In a story, that will shock all commuters in the western world, a Japanese rail company has apologised after it’s train left the station 25 seconds before departure, the second case like this in the past few months.

Scheduled to leave at 7.12 am, the train pulled out of the station 25 seconds before the change of minute, leaving passengers to miss their train.

The official explanation given by the train company? The conductor had thought departure was a minute earlier and closed the doors. On quickly realising his mistake, he looked at the empty platform and pulled away from the Notogawa Station, according to reports in Japan Today.

On missing the train, commuters complained to the rail operator and an apology was issued, stating the “great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable”.

In November 2018, a similar story broke where a train left 20 seconds early. Scheduled to leave at 9:44:40, the train pulled out of Minami Nagareyama Station, which is just north of Tokyo, at 9:44:20. The train company explained the staff had not correctly checked the timetabling.

Japanese train companies have built a reputation for on time travel and delays and changes to timetables are very rare. The country’s Tokaido line, running from Tokyo to the city of Kobe, is the world’s busiest and carries up to 150 million passengers a year.

The Japanese railway, is operated by the Japanese Railways Group, which consists of seven companies that took over the government owned railway system in 1987. Since then they have introduced, 6 different “companies” to operate systems in different parts of the country. Passengers are able to travel across several different JR companies without purchasing separate tickets or changing trains which can work across all different companies

However, the Japanese obsession with punctuality has ended in tragedy once before, in the year 2005. A driver, realising he was 100 seconds late, sped up, derailing the train and costing over 100 people their lives. Just after rush hour on the 25th of April 2005, the seven-car commuter train came off the rails in the Hyogo prefecture, close to the city of Osaka. Of the 700 passengers on board, 106 passengers lost their lives, including the driver, while 562 people were injured. It was the worst rail disaster in Japan since the 1963 Tsurumi tragedy, in which two trains collided, killing 162 people.

Unlikely election results change the face of Malaysian politics

Malaysia, the South East Asian nation of 39 million people, has a new Prime Minister after six decades spent under the rule of the BN, or National Front Party. The victory which has sent a shockwave through the South East Asian country comes on the back of very public allegations of corruption against the outgoing PM, Najib Razak.

New premier and leader of the PH, or Alliance for Hope party, Mahathir Mohamad will be the oldest serving PM in the world at 92 years old. Having previously ruled the country for 22 years, he only recently stepped out of retirement to take part in this election.

The ousted, Najib, was embroiled in scandals, most notably with regards to wealth fund 1MDB, which the ex-PM set up and oversaw, but who is alleged to have looted to the tune of billions of dollars. His government has also weakened the role of public institutions as well as barring opposition MP’s from re-contesting their parliamentary seats due to previous political offences, including whistleblowing on a government financial scandal and insulting a police officer.

Anwar Ibrahim, the former deputy PM and Finance Minister, and political opponent of Najib, had found himself under investigation for sodomy and was convicted and Imprisoned in 2015. Amnesty International claimed his incarceration was politically motivated. Since the election results, he has been given a royal pardon from Sultan Muhammad V and was released from prison on May 16. He has since released a statement saying that the outgoing PM had asked him on 2 separate occasions for advice on defeat in the election. Ibrahim urged him to accept defeat in public and said that no offer was made to form a joint government by either party.

The ruling party’s regime’s disregard for the rule of law, democracy and constitutional rights was revealed as election day approached. Hoping to avoid defeat and drive down voter turnout, the election was scheduled for midweek, instead of the usual weekend date, in the hope that workers would not be able to travel back to their constituency in time to vote. Ballots for overseas were also sent out late so that there wouldn’t be enough time to return them before votes were counted.

Despite this, on winning election Mahathir has stated that he is not out for revenge on the outgoing PM but rather “to restore the rule of law” to the country.

Pope issues social media guidelines

The Pope, the descendant of St. Peter and head of the Roman Catholic church, has released a document outlining advise for nuns covering a range of topics including their use of Twitter and other social media.

In a document released by the Vatican, Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome, has advised nuns that they need to spend less time interacting with their social media accounts and more on praying and spreading the word of God

The document, entitled “Cor Orans”, Latin for “praying heart”, offers instructions on how to apply principles published in Pope Francis’ Apostolic Constitution, published in 2016. While the Vatican are prolific users of social media, they have appealed to nuns to not let it become a time-wasting task.

Nuns were told that discretion should apply to the “quantity of the information and the type of communication” as well as to the actual content of the media. In a high-profile case of nuns using social media, a group from Pamplona took to Facebook to defend a girl who had been raped by a gang of youths. The men were handed down a lenient sentence in the opinion of the nuns, and many others, who defended the victims right to choose, as they had chosen to live in a monastery and “to FREELY do the opposite without being judged, raped, intimidated or humiliated for it”.

It is thought the Vatican wish to limit any chance of social media controversy and have released the latest guidelines in effort to do so.

In a press conference, detailing the news, Spanish Archbishop José Rodriguez Carballo, also touched on the autonomy of female monasteries, stating that “The Holy See is the only one that can erect a monastery, and the Holy See is the only one that can suppress it”.

With over 37,000 contemplative nuns throughout the world, the “Cor Orans” document aims to help monasteries achieve self-sufficiency in all of its functions including governmental, formative, relational and vocational. If any monastery can’t satisfy some of these conditions, it can be placed under inspection from the Vatican.

Carballo added the main goal of the document is unite “a desire for renovation with the protection and safeguarding of the pillars of contemplative life.”

Kick Off the AFL Season Right with Amazing AFL Party Supplies

With the AFL season just around the corner, there is no better way to celebrate a birthday or significant event with an AFL themed party. If your child is a diehard supporter of a team or just has a deep love for the game, then A-Z Party Supplies can help you to create the best themed party yet.

The AFL is one of the biggest sports in Australia and so many kids are going to look up to one of the players and see them as a role model. Decorating the house with AFL party supplies is an exciting way to bring in the new season.

There’s nothing more exciting for young kids than immersing themselves in their favourite team’s colours with friends and celebrating what is sure to be an exciting season.

There are so many great reasons to decorate your child’s next birthday celebration with the theme of their favourite footy team. With so many great options available for individual teams and the Aussie Rules collective, A-Z party Supplies have the best AFL party supplies that can be easily ordered from the online web store.

Which AFL Team Do You Support?

The competition is becoming tighter and tighter each season as the standard of the game increases with its popularity amongst both supporters and participants. Last season saw multiple teams miss out of finals only on percentage and some by less than a game.

The upcoming season is sure to be another tight one and the pace of the game is certainly a drawcard. Kids love playing the game and they certainly love watching it as they get to see the biggest stars on the biggest stage.

Many children aspire to be just like their Aussie Rules idols one day and having a themed party with AFL party supplies is one way for them to imagine exactly what it’s like.

Adelaide Crows

Last year’s grand finalists and a team with a young list on the first team from South Australia are a force to be reckoned with. Blue, yellow and red are this teams colours and they are sure to be in the hunt for this year’s premiership.

Brisbane Lions

A team that is rebuilding but certainly on the improve heading into the 2018 season. The Lions are one of few teams to have won 3 premierships in a row having done so from 2001-2003. With multiple players resigning and a successful draft night again, there is plenty of optimism surrounding this Brisbane outfit.

Carlton Blues

The Old Dark Navy Blues will be looking to put a disappointing 2017 season behind them and improve for the upcoming season. The MCG is the home of this historic club who still hold the record for the equal most premierships in the history of the VFL/AFL competition.

Collingwood Magpies

The biggest club in the AFL have acquired some serious talent at the draft and have got a few of their best players back to 100% fitness. With their last premiership came back in 2010, can they get another one and equal Carlton and Essendon with the most premierships in history?

Essendon Bombers

Having earnt a fairy-tale place in last year’s finals the Bombers will be the team to watch coming into the 2018 season. The Dons will be confident they can improve on last year’s performances and challenge for a top 4 spot.

The Bombers managed to pick up some great additions in the off-season that should add strength to all areas of the ground and enable them to challenge the likes of Sydney, Geelong, Adelaide and Richmond.

Fremantle Dockers

The Dockers will be hoping to see a return to Brownlow-like form from their captain and star player in Nat Fyfe and seek a return to finals in 2018. The team has been under pressure following two sub-par years after a maiden grand final appearance in 2013.

Geelong Cats

The Cats will be desperate to make a strong run to the grand final this year following consecutive preliminary final exits. They’ve added some star power in Gary Ablett to their midfield mix and supporters will be hoping it’s enough to take them to the next level.

Gold Coast Suns

The struggling expansion side have been given a new hope with the addition of Stuart Dew for the upcoming season. The experienced assistant coach has taken over as head coach and will be hoping to implement some new systems and develop a strong culture.

GWS Giants

Another team to have made consecutive preliminary finals appearances, they will need to improve if they are to have any chance of making it at least that far again this year. Another pre-season for their young stars should build more confidence and there is much to like about the orange and charcoal.

Hawthorn Hawks

Arguably the most successful team of the 21st century the Hawks will be hopeful of returning to finals action in 2018. Having won three consecutive Grand Finals from 2013-2015, the Hawks haven’t won a final since. They look poised to bounce back in 2018.

Melbourne Demons

Narrowly missing out on finals last year should have lit a fire in the belly of the Demons playing group. For those whose heart beats true for red and blue, they should be feeling positive about their teams’ potential this year.

Narrow losses and a few untimely injuries hampered their progress but a fully fit Melbourne side is one that can challenge everyone.

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Having missed out on acquiring a star recruit in the off-season, the focus for the Kangaroos would’ve been on developing their younger players. Clearly rebuilding and hopeful of some improvement, it will be about the younger players for North Melbourne this year.

Port Adelaide Power

A painful loss in the elimination final brought a sad ending to a successful campaign for the power. They narrowly missed out on the top four having missed finals the previous few seasons and would’ve been hoping for at least a semi-final berth.

Some off-season additions and another strong pre-season should see the Power push for a top four spot once again.

Richmond Tigers

It appeared everyone jumped on the Tiger’s bandwagon at some point. The eventual premiers were exciting to watch all season long. Dustin Martin’s re-signing was a huge coup for the club and they will be hoping that he can continue his Brownlow medal winning form.

St Kilda Saints

Another side to have narrowly missed out on finals following huge expectations placed on the side prior to the 2017 season. It was a year of bad luck for the Saints with injuries and poor form from many of their leaders.

There is plenty of optimism surrounding this young side for the upcoming season and supporters of the red, white and black should be expecting finals action come September.

Sydney Swans

The Swans couldn’t quite find that fairy tale finish to 2017 but there is much hope for this year as many of their younger players were able to gain AFL experience.

Starting 0-6 the Swans managed to finish 6th before being beaten by Geelong in the Semi-Final. A strong pre-season, fit list and some improvement across the board should see the red and white challenging for another premiership.

West Coast Eagles

The Eagles managed a relatively successful season reaching the semi-final where they were confidently beaten by the GWS Giants. They can no doubt challenge for the top 4 if they can get a little bit more from some of their younger players. A fit Josh Kennedy, the return of Nic Natanui and a few defensive improvements should make for an exciting blue and gold outfit.

Western Bulldogs

It’s fair to say that 2017 was a disappointing year for the dogs becoming one of the few teams to win a premiership and fail to play finals the following year.

However, there is plenty of room for improvement and the Dogs are still a very young side. A more mature side and a strong pre-season will leave those at Whitten Oval confident of a return to finals and a top four push.

With so many different colours on each of the teams the decorations are sure to brighten up the room. An AFL themed party is great for the kids as they can show off their favourite team’s colours and engage in various games.

A-Z Party Supplies’ Range of AFL-themed Items

At A-Z Party Supplies we have an extensive range of AFL party supplies for all needs and teams that are sure to turn your party into an Aussie Rules paradise. We have supplies that can be used for decorations, catering and games.


We offer a great range of decorative AFL party supplies that can turn any party into an AFL fiesta. Almost all of our items are available for each individual team. Some of the items include;

  • Themed ribbon – these are great for adding colour to the event in a liberal manner whilst keeping in theme.
  • Balloons – perfect for having around the room and on the table. Also fun to play with towards the end of the party.
  • Team banners – happy birthday and team supporter banners available for celebration.
  • Team posters – good for walls or hanging from the ceiling to create a clear theme.
  • Themed flag bunting – ideal to hang from the ceiling, in walkways or outside in the backyard in keeping with the theme.


The themed catering supplies add great visual appeal to the dining area and keep in theme with the decorations. A few of the popular items we supply include;

  • Themed candles – candles are shaped in the form of the team’s logo.
  • Edible team logos – great for decorating both cakes and cupcakes with the team logo.
  • Themed table covers – the disposable table cover features the team’s logo and its core colours.
  • Team napkins – there are two varieties each containing the team logo and one has the club song as well.
  • Themed party cups – cups in the colour of your favourite team and its logo printed on.
  • Themed plates – keeping in pace with the theme, these paper plates make for an easy clean up.
  • Themed Cutlery – disposable cutlery in the core colour of your favourite team.

Games and Accessories

Decorations and catering supplies won’t be enough to fully engage the guests in the theme so including some entertainment that is in keeping with the theme is sure to take the party to the next level.

  • Temporary tattoos – these feature temporary tattoos such as the teams logo, supporter slogans, chants and ‘I love St Kilda’.
  • Themed inflatable hand – a fun accessory for the kids to play with.
  • Body paint – a great way to get everyone involved is having a face or body painting station. This allows everyone to get their teams favourite colours painted on in a fun design.

Why You Should Choose A-Z Party Supplies?

It’s not just our comprehensive range of AFL party supplies, amongst others, that makes us a first choice in party supplies. We are also determined to ensure that everyone receives their party supplies on time and in good condition.

Because we do have such an extensive range, it makes finding all the supplies you need for your party easy as it is a one stop shop. Our web store is easy to navigate and means that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or desk in order to have the party supplies sorted.

We deliver to everywhere in Australia and our flat delivery rate makes us affordable for everyone, no matter how little or how many party supplies you are purchasing. We know that creating a great atmosphere at any party is going to enhance the enjoyment possibilities and overall engagement with the party.

Not only to we provide a comprehensive range of party supplies but we also offer helium tank hire in the Sydney region. This is great for customers who want a large number of balloons at their event. In addition to the hiring of helium tanks, we also provide detailed tutorials for how to use the helium tanks in inflating the balloons.

The effects of exercise on dementia sufferers

A recent study on dementia, a brain disease that can cause a long term and gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember, has shown that working out has no impact on the progress of the disease.

In 2015, close to 70,000 UK citizens died from dementia -related conditions, while at the current rate, 1.2 million will be living with the condition by 2040. In 2012 David Cameron, the former prime minister, made finding a cure, or a remedy for symptoms a national research project. It is estimated that dementia sufferers will cost the British economy £3 billion pounds by 2030.

Over a four-month period, a team from Oxford and the University of Warwick, tested an exercise regime aimed at improving strength and aerobic fitness of people with dementia. 494 people, with an average age of 77, were recruited from memory clinics across England

The exercise programme improved physical health of all involved, however this did not translate into improvements in their day-to-day lives. Where there was no change in their independence, or any quality of life or behavioural benefits.

Lead author of a paper in the British Medical Journal, Professor Sarah Lamb said she was disappointed with the results “although I probably wasn’t completely surprised”.

The results showed there to be negative effects of doing too much exercise as a patient with dementia. Those who completed the training were found to have worse cognitive scores, thinking and rationalising abilities, than those who did not. The training made them physically fitter but was not found to slow the progress of the disease.

Lamb was keen to emphasise that those with dementia should still partake in exercise, such as swimming or walking. “We don’t want to alarm members of the public with dementia and their families. We used a very specialised exercise programme. We know that gentle exercise is good for you. We don’t want people to stop what they are doing,” she said.

In Australia, dementia is the second leading cause of death each year, contributing to 5% of female deaths and 10% of deaths in males. Nationwide there are an estimated 425, 000 Australians living with the disease. Three in ten people over the age of 85 live with the disease while one in ten of those over 65 do the same. By 2025, 536,000 will be expected to be living with the disease, according to Dementia Australia.

The Commonwealth games and disappearing athletes

The Commonwealth Games, held in the Gold Coast, Australia during the first two weeks of April was a typical worldwide sporting event. The games spanned 11 days of events with 78 nations competing, culminating in a closing ceremony which paid tribute to the First Nations and their history in Australia. Australia won a total of 198 medals, 80 of which were gold.

However, not all things went to plan; restauranteurs complained that business was down as locals deserted the city for the games, scared off by the expected crowds to descend on the city. Taxis found their intake had decreased too, while, bizarrely for some nations competing, they found they had lost some athletes.

At least 13 participants from competing nations went missing as the competition drew to a close. The athletes, 8 from Camerooon, as well as more from Uganda, Sierra Leone and Rwanda, were found to have left the athlete’s village without a trace. The most likely reason for leaving is to find a better life for themselves in Australia however organisers of the games and officials of each nation urged the athletes to return while immigration stated that the athletes are free to travel around Australia until their visas expire.

Rumours abounded that some athletes had returned to a village where they had been training before the games. Warwick, 130 km south of Brisbane, housed the Cameroonian athletics squad for two weeks, however the mayor of the small town, Tracy Dobie has stated that there is no way they came back to the town, and someone in the town would have noticed anything unusual like that happening.

With over 6,000 visas initially granted for foreigners who attended the games expiring in early May, it is thought that the number still in Australia has grown to 100, mostly from African nations. Of those remaining in the country, many have applied for asylum and can stay in the country as their case is looked. Most fear going home for fear of persecution.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. It has been a regular occurrence at previous games, with disappearances being reported at the Melbourne games as well as previous games in Edinburgh in the UK, when one of the athletes on that occasion was found three days later in London nearly 650 kilometres away.

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